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Contemporary Issues In Law
 Makeup: 4 Issues per volume
 Current: Issue 4 Volume 14
 Format: 154 x 242 mm
 ISSN: 1357-0374
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Contemporary Issues in Law provides a new and exciting way of exploring the changing dynamics of the law. The journal is designed to cover a broad spectrum of topical issues, which are set within the framework of a common theme.

Each issue focuses on one theme. The implications of this theme on different areas of current legal concern are then explored. By discussing different issues of contemporary legal interest in relation to a theme in this way, a number of apparently separate issues are drawn together under the same topical umbrella. The result is a coherent framework which offers the reader a clear overview of the broader thematic influences on the law generally whilst also focusing more specifically on current manifestations of this influence at work in specific areas of current concern.

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Contemporary Issues in Law is a refereed journal

Call for Papers: The editors welcome suggestions for new themes and issues to cover in future issue of this title - if you would like to discuss this with our editors do please contact us

Readership: Legal academics, law students, politics and public administration students, social science students, law libraries, NGO's, LPC, CPE, GDL students.

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