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Environmental Law and Management
 Makeup: Six issues plus index per year
 Current: Issue 3 Volume 29 2017
 Format: A4
 ISSN: 1067-6058
 Back Issues: Back issues available from vol 12 [2000] issue 5

Environmental Law & Management (ELM) is a peer-reviewed journal which explores the latest legal proposals and policies in articles, reports and commentaries, giving a clear picture of current environmental regulation, government proposals and influential court decisions.

Some of the important developing strategies covered by ELM in current opinion and analysis include: the implementation of principles of sustainable development, land use and planning developments, conservation, access to justice, waste recycling, climate change developments post Durban and Paris, renewable energy and the Green Investment Bank, and more.

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Sustainable management in policy and practice: the placing of solar panels on listed buildings in Scotland
ANDREA ROSS Professor of Environmental Law, University of Dundee

Environmental civil claims: the costs question
AIDAN THOMSON Partner, Berwin, Leighton Paisner


Nuisance injunctions after Coventry v Lawrence: revisiting the question of 'prevention or payment'?




Case Law and Case Commentaries Comprehensive reports from the UK courts and the CJEU

UK Strategic Issues Parliamentary committee reports, consultations from BEIS and Defra, the EA, Dti, National Audit Committee etc

EU Strategic Issues Council and Commission meetings, communications, opinions, green papers, proposals, draft regulations and consultations etc

Scottish Strategic Issues Draft regulations, consultations, publications, papers etc

Behind the Headlines Pertinent, brief and valuable comment backed up with statistics on a vast range of immediate issues


ENVIRONMENTAL LAW AND MANAGEMENT provides accurate and up-to-date reports of recent developments in case law, statute and policy in the UK, Europe and worldwide.
  • Assessments of the practical significance of new environmental regulation for commerce and industry
  • Legal implications of environmental policy for lawyers in England, Scotland, and Europe
  • Strategic Issues: expert reports and commentaries of legislation, directives, consultations, reviews, publications, draft proposals etc from the UK and the EU
  • Case analysis and commentaries from the UK courts and CJEU
  • Articles and Editorials assessing environmental developments and their financial and political implications.
Readership: Environmental and planning lawyers, corporate legal departments, environmental NGOs, insurance lawyers advising on environmental issues, legal academics, libraries and government agencies.


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