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 Current: Issue 5 Volume 25
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An international peer-reviewed journal which promotes and disseminates knowledge covering all aspects of law relating to water resources. From its roots in the United Kingdom, the journal has expanded to incorporate the concerns of scholars and water law practitioners throughout the world.

The journal welcomes contributions relating to the water laws of any jurisdiction which raise issues of general importance in the management of water resources. The aim is to give greater coverage to commentary and debate on critical topics of water law and regulation in different countries across the world.

Experts in the fields of international and national water law, covering freshwater and marine developments, provide articles, updates and commentaries.


Articles and Editorials

Strategic Issues - a round up of legislation, policy and draft proposals, consultations, reviews etc from the UK, EU and globally

Case analysis and commentaries from the UK courts and CJEU


Cost-benefit analysis - is it worth it? Comparing apples and oranges
CHARLES MORGAN QC Six Pump Court, Temple, London

Great floods and little urban kingdoms: from adjudication to policy integration in Metro Manila flood and waterway management
ALEXIS IAN P DELA CRUZ Associate Solicitor, Office of the Solicitor General of the Philippines

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