Terms and conditions for authors submitting to journals published by Lawtext Publishing Limited.

By submitting your article to Lawtext Publishing Limited you agree to abide by the following Terms and Conditions.

Author Archiving Policy 2015

1 Author’s Original Version (the pre-print)

• The author's original version of an article is defined here as the un-refereed author's version and is considered by the author to be of sufficient quality to be submitted for peer review.

• The author accepts full responsibility for the article, its content and layout.

• Prior to acceptance for publication in a journal, authors retain the right to make the original version of the article available on their own website and/or that of their employer and/or in free public servers of original version articles in their subject area, provided that, upon acceptance, they acknowledge that the article has been accepted for publication as follows:

This article has been accepted for publication in [Journal Title] Published by Lawtext Publishing Limited. Licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 3.0

• Once an article is accepted for publication, the author may not make the version of record available in this way or replace their original version with the Accepted Manuscript or

Version of Record.

2 Accepted Manuscript (the post-print)

• The accepted manuscript is defined here as the final draft author manuscript, as accepted for publication by a journal, including modifications based on referees’ suggestions.

• Authors may upload their accepted manuscript PDF to an institutional and/or centrally organised repository, provided that public availability is delayed until 24 months after first

online publication in the journal.

• When uploading an accepted manuscript to a repository, authors should include the following acknowledgement referencing the Version of Record. This will ensure the

Version of Record is available to those accessing the article from public repositories, and means that the article is more likely to be cited correctly.

This is the author-produced PDF of an article, accepted for publication in [insert journal title], following peer review. The Version of Record [insert complete citation information

here] is available in [insert Journal title, vol, issue and article page number]. Licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 3.0.

3. Version of Record

The Version of Record is defined here as a fixed version of the journal article that has been made LAWTEXT PUBLISHING LIMITED Registered office: 41 Cornmarket Street, Oxford, OXI 3HA Company registered number: 3249761

Document ID: AAP_Final_170815 available by Lawtext Publishing Limited by formally and exclusively declaring the article “published”. A PDF of the Version of Record, as it appears in the journal, may not be deposited by authors in institutional repositories or elsewhere.