Publication ethics

Publication ethics

Ethical standards for publications exist to ensure that our publications are trusted by our readers and that authors are fully aware of their obligations and for the need for integrity in that manuscripts reflects the authors' own research and analysis. We wish to avoid plagiarism, incorrect author attribution and any issues relating to conflicts of interest.

We do expect our authors to be aware of these aims and to contact us with any queries on our policy.  Our policy is to prevent these problems arising.

In particular

All quotations to be acknowledged and material to be an original work

Copyright infringement and clearance

It is the responsibility of the author to obtain copyright clearance for any images or extensive quotes

Not published elsewhere

Manuscripts must be submitted for publication on the basis that they are not being published elsewhere unless there is agreement for a special arrangement with the publisher

Declaration of any conflicts of interest

o If there is a potential or actual conflict of interest the publishers should be informed

o If an author has acted in a professional capacity for a party that is the subject of an article, this should be explicitly stated in the author’s note

Notification of any errors

o Authors are responsible for informing the publisher of an errors that are identified post publication.

Joint authorship

o All authors should be identified in the article heading and authors notes section

Review process

All manuscripts submitted are peer reviewed by our editors and editorial boards and in relevant circumstances outside experts.


We have a policy of publishing corrections in a timely manner

Further questions

If you have any queries or questions please contact your publishing editor or the publisher direct at