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Journal of International Maritime Law 
Volume 28 Issue 1 2022
Criminal liability based on European Regulations for ship recycling in South Asia: dead in the water?
Erik M Witjens
Attorney at law, De Reede Advocatuur, Rotterdam click here for pdf

Utilities Law Review
Volume 23 Issue 4


Rebooting the CMA: some essential reforms
How the CMA can improve economic performance and contribute to 'levelling up' click here for pdf
Andrew Tyrie, past Chairman of the Competition and Markets Authority - 2018 to 2020

Environmental Law and Management 
Volume 32 Issue 2

Reflections on a new chapter in English sewage regulation  click here for pdf
BEN PONTIN Cardiff University  

The debate around combined sewer overflows (CSOs) reflects the complexity of the whole topic of river pollution by sewage. CSOs were a late addition to the UK’s Environment Act 2021 and the obligation to review them is welcome from the perspective of ‘best environmental value’. However, schemes to eliminate CSO discharges may have adverse environmental consequences and much depends on the nature of the alternatives.

Bio-Science Law Review
EPO's Board of Appeal in T116/18 references Robin Jacob's article PLAUSIBILITY AND POLICY at para 13.7.4  11 Oct 2021

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Journal of International Maritime Law - Volume 27 Issue 3

Safe navigation at sea – COLREGs 1972


Bills of lading – receiver’s liability to general average and the impact of insurance


Negligence in maritime disputes revisited: the requirement for ownership or possessory title

The author examines the law of negligence as confirmed in The Aliakmon  and  compares and reconciles the differing Singaporean approach as laid down in Spandeck (2007) and Wilmar (2019).

Damages which are not disposed of by demurrage: What is a separate type of loss?

What is a separate type of loss from the losses covered by demurrage? The issue between The Bonde (1999) and The Eternal Bliss (appeal forthcoming) is examined here. Click here for pdf

The impact of Covid-19, facilitative mediation, early intervention, and the new visual online dispute resolution – Part 2

The article sets out the essential features of EI and traces the rapid development and importance of the new visual ODR


Insolvency versus Admiralty: India

Book Reviews

CALL FOR PAPERS - Contemporary Issues in Law 

Call for abstracts/papers

A 40th anniversary celebration of the Cork Report: reflections and insights on modern business and insolvency 

Introduction, scope and aims

2022 marks the 40th anniversary of the Report of the Insolvency Law Review Committee, one of the most comprehensive reviews of UK insolvency law ever conducted. It led to far-reaching reforms that remain part of the legal infrastructure. The Report and the Committee are known colloquially as the Cork Report/Committee, after Sir Kenneth Cork, the chairman of the committee and an influential figure in business, insolvency and civic circles. This special issue of the journal Contemporary Issues in Law provides an opportunity to evaluate issues in modern business and insolvency, forty years on from the publication of the Cork Report. Taking account of Sir Kenneth Cork’s role as a leading figure in public life and business and insolvency circles of his time, the themes to be represented in this special issue are drawn broadly rather than focused solely on insolvency. They are derived from his autobiography Cork on Cork (published in 1988), and may be condensed into the following breakdown:

Personal insolvency

Corporate governance

Corporate rescue

Directors’ liability 

International insolvency

Please note that this breakdown is not a closed list, and topics that fall outside this breakdown could be accommodated. 


Abstracts are invited from academics and professionals working within the fields of business and insolvency, for contributions to this special issue publication. Expressions of interest, or any queries should be emailed to Blanca Mamutse b.c.mamutse@ljmu.ac.uk by Friday 15th July 2022. The final selection will be confirmed by 29th July. The deadline for full drafts of the papers (7,500-10,500 words) is 28th October 2022.

Expressions of interest should contain the following key details:

i) The title of the paper

ii) The name(s) and institutional affiliation of the author(s), including email address(es) and postal address(es)

iii) An abstract of not more than 300 words 

Please note that references should use footnotes in OSCOLA citation style. Authors should obtain copyright clearance for any tables or diagrams included in their paper.