Information Technology Law Reports - Volume 18 - Issue 5

This edition of Information Technology Law Reports contains one High Court case: (1) Technomed Limited (2) Technomed Telemedicine Limited v (1) Bluecrest Health Screening Limited (2) Express Diagnosis Limited t/a Cardio Analytics. The court found that Technomed were entitled to three distinct types of database protection: the ‘freestanding database right’, ‘database copyright’ and ‘copyright in the database as a literary work’. This case illustrates the diverse nature of legal rights potentially available to the innovator, which included, not only a database right and copyright in the database but protection for the explanatory materials and images in the reports as literary or artistic works. It was also found that the use of literary and artistic content was a flagrant breach of copyright.

Richard Budworth
Editor, Information Technology Law Reports

(1)Technomed Limited (2) Technomed Telemedicine Limited (1) Bluecrest Health Screening  Limited (2) Express Diagnostics Limited  t/a Cardio Analytics 
High Court of Justice
Chancery Division
David Stone (sitting as a Deputy High Court Judge)
24 August 2017 
[2017] EWHC 2142 (Ch)

Database right– copyright – documents – databases – flagrancy – infringement – sui generisright – literary works artistic works – originality – programming languages – XML format – PDF documents – Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988, sections 1(1)(a), 3A(1), 3A(2), 4(1)(a), 4(2), 16(1)(a), 16(3), 97(2), 97(2)(a) – Directive on the Legal Protection of Databases 1996, Articles 1(2), 7(1), 7(2) and 7(5) – judgment for the claimants.