Death of Patents


Chapter 1 - Death of a Patent System - Introduction
Peter Drahos, Australian National University, Canberra 

Chapter 2 - Schrodinger's Cat: An Observation on Modern Patent Law
Dr Margaret Llewelyn, Reader in Intellectual Property Law, and Deputy Director, Sheffield Institute for Biotechnology Law and Ethics (SIBLE), University of Sheffield

Chapter 3 - A Neuropsychological Analysis of the Law of Obviousness
Lachlan S. James, Innovation Capital, Sydney Australia

Chapter 4 - On Proprietary Rights and Personal Liberties: Constitutional Responses to Post-Industrial Patenting
John R Thomas, Associate Professor of Law, George Washington University

Chapter 5 - Shifts in India's Policy on Intellectual Property: The Role of Ideas, Coercion and Changing Interests
Anitha Ramanna, Lecturer at the Department of Politics and Public Administration, University of Pune, India

Chapter 6 - The Ethics of Patenting - Uneasy Justifications
Sigrid Sterckx, Senior Lecturer Research Fellow, Ghent University and Part time Professor, University of Antwerp

Chapter 7 - Legal and Ethical Aspects of Bio-Patenting: Critical Analysis of EU Biotechnolgoy Directive
Geertui Van Overwalle, Dr. Iur; Professor of Law at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven and at the Universite de Liege

Chapter 8 - Is the World Ready for Substantive Patent Law Harmonisation? A lesson from History
Graham Dutfield, Herchel Smith Senior Research Fellow at Queen Mary Intellectual Property Institute