JIML is a peer-reviewed journal providing expert analytical coverage of current international developments in shipping and maritime law, including: 

All aspects of insurance, bills of lading, charterparties, anti-suit injunctions, general average, international trade law and the international conventions and increasing concerns over the legal aspects of 

– New technologies eg autonomous and unmanned ships, electronic bills of lading, cyber  insurance  clauses
– The rapid development of the Arctic 
– Ship arrest, ship recycling
– Marine and dangerous ship pollution 

Each issue has

Editorials on current issues:  see “The Sulphur Cap 2020” (25/3); “The Conflict in the Gulf and insurance issues” (25/2)
– Up to date Digest of recent hearings across jurisdictions
– Detailed Analysis and Comment of the influential Admiralty and Commercial Court decisions: see (The Renos) (25/3)   
– Full length Articles on wide ranging subjects and recent developments in the law: see “The impact of Brexit on shipping and ports law” (24/3)
– Specialist Papers on national law from key maritime jurisdictions: the EU and beyond, China and Australia
Reports from the latest developments at  IMO, CMI and in the EU
– Comprehensive Book Reviews 
– Cumulative Indexes of cases, legislation and general index
And with each volume a Special Issue with 5–6 contributors: see “Implementation of the Polar code in the Arctic” (24/6) and forthcoming  “Cargo claims and liabilities” (26/1)

PROFESSOR D RHIDIAN THOMAS Professor Emeritus of Maritime Law and former Director of the Institute of International Shipping and Trade Law at the School of Law, Swansea University. His principal research interests are in the fields of maritime law, marine insurance law, international trade and commercial law, and international arbitration law. He has held positions at several national and foreign universities and lectured internationally. He has published widely in academic journals and edited two recent volumes on time and voyage charterparties. He is a member of the CMI, British Maritime Law Association, Chartered Institute of Arbitrators and British Insurance Law Association.

Market: Maritime and Admiralty Barristers and Solicitors, Trade Lawyers, P & I Clubs, Marine Insurance Companies, Classification Societies, legal academics, law libraries, post graduate law students