Environmental Law and Management - Volume 30 - Issue 5


‘Tragedy of the Commons’ and ‘Tragedy of the Horizon’:  distant cousins or identical twins?
UCEO, Spectrum Intellectual Property Solutions Ltd

In a speech given at Lloyd’s of London in 2015 by Mark Carney, Governor of the Bank of England and Chairman of the Financial Stability Board, relating to climate change and financial stability, we were introduced to what Carney termed the ‘Tragedy of the Horizon’. The aim of this article is to explore the extent to which this phenomenon is related to its better-established counterpart, the ‘Tragedy of the Commons’, as Hardin’s paper on the latter passes its half century this year. This paper seeks a better understanding of how the ‘tragedies’ of the environmental and financial sectors are related, and on that basis, whether the long history of evidence regarding the tragedy of environmental commons has the potential to offer any insights into the role regulation may play in averting the tragedy of the financial horizon.

Role of laws to control brick manufacturing and kiln establishment in Bangladesh: scope of alternative bricks
Senior Research Officer, Housing and Building Research Institute (HBRI)
Research Associate, Promoting Sustainable Building in Bangladesh Project, Bangladesh Environmental Lawyers Association (BELA)

In Bangladesh, clay bricks are extensively used as building construction material. Rapid urbanization in the country has spurred the production of bricks to 8.6 billion each year. The larger part of the brick fields has been set up illicitly near homes, schools, colleges and medical services offices, disregarding the current laws in this respect. Top soil from agriculturalland is collected for producing bricks, as a result of which Bangladesh is losing hectares of precious topsoil each year. In Bangladesh, approximately 12,000 brick kilns are in operation. This paper concentrates on the role of the existing laws to control brick manufacturing and kiln establishment in Bangladesh and also the scope of the use of alternative bricks in Bangladesh.

Case Commentaries
Environmental protection after Brexit 
1 Crown Office Row

Ofwat’s £126 million penalty on Southern Water in perspective
Director, Enviro-Law & Policy 

 Conjoined appeals
PhD candidate 
University of Plymouth 

Strategic Issues – Scotland
MARCH 2019 – Environmental strategy, principles and governance – An environmental strategy for Scotland – Environmental principles and governance
The Scottish Continuity Bill – The Planning Bill
JULY 2019 – The Planning Bill as passed – Concluding thoughts
Senior Lecturer in Law, 
Centre for Water Law, Policy and Science,
University of Dundee

Book Review
Innovation addressing climate change challenges: market-based perspective
Critical issues in environmental taxation volume XX
Edited by Mona Hymel, Larry Kreiser, Janet E Milne and Hope Ashiabor
Kingston University